Son Serra de Marina

This tourist resort 6 kilometers south of Can Picafort extends for about 1,400 meters along the Bay of Alcúdia. It is built exclusively of one or two-storied houses, most of which have been constructed as secondary residences for locals. Streetlife there is accordingly quiet. Only during the holiday seasons will the owners come here from Palma or the mainland. In contrast to Can Picafort mass tourism has not yet reached this place.





Son Serra de Marina features a small marina on its western beach. In the east the town is limited by the Torrent de na Borges. The beach there is a resort for wind and kite surfers.



Photo by Mirkaah via Wikimedia Commons



The town has three moderately frequented beaches. The local one west of the Torrent de na Borges, approximately 450 meters long and 130 meters wide, is mostly visited by local residents. East of the town lies the 1,800 meters long beach of Sa Canova which already belongs to the Artà municipality and almost extends to Colonia de Sant Pere’s neighbourhood of S’Estanyol. To the west, slightly offside the settlement is the beach of Son Real. A hiking trail along the coast leads to Can Picafort.



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