Son Servera

Son Servera was founded in 1300 by James I of Aragon, in the lands of the Servera family, It was first documented in 1354 with the name of Benicanella, which would later become two towns: Son Fra Garí and Ca l’Hereu which would then become Son Servera. In 1814, king Ferdinand VII puts Son Servera municipality in Arta.






In 1920, the population was struck by plague, but in 1934 the population reached 1,000 inhabitants and returned to the status of municipality.


With more than 10,000 inhabitants, Son Servera contains Cala Millor, a popular summer tourist area, with a large German community. Costa de los Pinos is a summer destination for Spanish high society.


San Joan is the patron saint of the town and is celebrated on June 24 with a fiesta. The fiesta runs for a week with a local fair, farmers market, agricultural stalls, and the local dancers perform traditional mallorquine dance of Ball de bot. 

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